Richard Davies


UK Growth

The LSE Growth Commission

LSE Growth Commission's 2017 report sets out a new blueprint for inclusive and sustainable growth in the UK that deals with the challenges facing the UK, old and new. Drawing on the latest research, analysis and evidence from leading practitioners and scholars, the Commission outlines the top priorities in four key areas.

Jobs and skills
In a world of rapidly changing technologies and labour markets, it is essential to develop systems of lifelong learning to promote greater security and adaptability for workers.

Industrial strategy
The UK needs an industrial strategy – the government is right to focus here - but there are gaps between this vital area and monetary, fiscal and competition policy.

Britain’s strength is in services, and two-thirds of the country’s trade is with the US and EU. Negotiations must focus here: a trade deal with the US is needed, as is a new EU trade agreement with a “services passport” at its core.

Finance and growth
The UK is a world-leading financial centre – yet despite its strength there is a shortage of competition.